CRM Accelerate

You have probably seen many pictures of the customer life cycle. It´s generic and therefor basically looks the same for all CRM systems on the market. The big difference between the systems is how well different system supports this flow in all parts.

Without a doubt there is a huge advantage to have all processes in the same system, one single source of truth. It is only then you can get a true 360 degree overview of your customers and only then all employees have a change to be professional in all points of contact.

SUSPECTS - All your potential customers. For a car dealer every person with a driving license is a potential customer. With CRM Accelerate we give both the sales and marketing team a structured way to find and import those potential customers as leads in NetSuite. One of the tools is Dun & Bradstreet Connects that is a prospectation tool for searching for customers and contacts in one of Europes largest customer databas and then import them to NetSuite.

LEADS - All potential customers that is imported, manually registered or comes in via an online form most be handled in a structured way according to the rules your company have setup. With a Lead dashboard that is optimized for this process and with the CRM Lead Board as the visual aid this task becomes intuitive, fun and easy to handle.

PIPELINE- For each interested lead the sales rep will create an opportunity that the sales rep can work with and drives towards a closed deal via the CRM Pipeline Board.

QUALIFICATION PROCESS - The Pipeline Board gives the sales rep and sales team a uniqe overview of all ongoing deals and helps them qualify each opportunity in a structured process

ESTIMATES - For opportunities that meets the requirements and is a good match the sales rep transforms to an Estimate. And if the prospect gets an offer they can´t refuse the sales rep will transform the estimate to a Sales Order

CONTRACT - Each deal will end up in a contract of some sort, a order confirmation or a signed contract.

SERVICE & DELIVERY - Even if the sales rep often is not responsibility for the delivery of a sold product or service it does not hurt to be able to follow the delivery progress and being informed about potential problems. This is especially true when working as a Key Account manager where you at all times need a great overview of your customers.

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT - It is more expensive and harder to get new customers to buy from you then keeping your existing. Therefor it is crucial for the sales team to keep track of there existing customers. When done right you can do a lot of upsell on existing customers.