CRM Integration toolbox

Integration Restlets

CRM Integration toolbox is a set of integration tools that allows NetSuite to be integrated to other systems out of the box

  • SC Search - Restlet where the in parameter is the internal id of a saved search in NetSuite. The result when calling this Restlet is the result from the search.

  • T-CRUD - Restlet that lets you Create, Read, Update, Delete and Transform records in NetSuite

Dynamic Delta Record Generator

It is often a company have more than 1 system. When using NetSuite for both ERP and CRM, NetSuite probably act as the master record for a lot of data. In this case it is important for other systems to be able to subscribe for changes on the data they are interested in. If any change is done on the record , subscribing system should be able to get this data.

  • Dynamic Delta Record Generator - Dynamically creates a Delta Record for handling a subscriber on any record type.

Use this Dynamic Delta Record in combination with SC Search and T-CRUD to make it easy for other systems to subscribe to the "Master" data in NetSuite.