Handling your Pipeline in a structured and intuitive way will help you and your sales team to close more deals than ever before.

Pipeline Dashboard

The Pipeline dashboard is optimized to help the sales team focus on ongoing deals. The different portlets are added to give the sales team the overview they need and reminders to push them in the right direction

REMINDERS - With reminders that wont let you forget anything important when it comes to your ongoing deals you will all ways feel in control.

PIPELINE SCORECARD - You can learn a lot about the numbers. In the Pipeline Scorecard the sales rep can see get this information.

PIPELINE BOARD - The Pipeline Board gives the sales team a better overview of all ongoing deals and where the deal is in the process. In this Pipeline Board both opportunity, estimates and Sales Orders are mixed to give the sales team a better overview of there pipeline than they ever had. The Pipeline Board lets the sales rep take action on the different deals directly from the dashboard.
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PROSPECTS - All leads that the sales team created an opportunity or estimate for is transformed to a prospect. If the created deal don´t end up in a sales order, then the prospect can get stuck in status prospect without further action taken. It is super important to have a structured way to take care of those prospects so they are not forgotten. They have been Qualified once and you should not be leave them to chance. Get them in to the process again with a new opportunity or mark them as Lead Subscribers so that the marketing team can take over the nurturing.

Qualification Process

The qualification process can take a lot of time. The worst thing that could happen is if a deal goes all the way to in negotiation and you find out that the customer doesn't have the budget. Then you have spent a lot of time on a deal that you could have put to closed lost after your first phone call.

To give the sales team information of where they are in the qualification process each Card in the Pipeline Board shows a Qualification Progress progress bar. To be able to create a good solution proposal (estimate) together, the sales rep needs to know

  • Who they are doing business with

  • Identify there needs

  • Find out there budget

  • Make sure the timing is right.

If a sales rep have this information it will be so much easier for them to give the customer an offer they can´t refuse.

As a Sales Manager it is also very useful to be able to track this information to be able to coach and guide the sales team.