To Do

For all steps in the sales process the sales rep have the possibility to schedule phone calls with customer contacts, book meetings or add task to remind them self of important things. It could also be that a college book the user for a meeting. In CRM Accelerate we also have a process to generate phone calls based on Click through in email Campaigns. If a campaign email is been clicked through a phone call can be scheduled for the assigned sales rep.

No matter how those different phone calls, meetings and tasks are created, it is extremely important for the assigned user to get a good overview of what TO DO.

In the TO DO dashboard we have gathered all this information so that the user can work as efficient as possible

REMINDERS - Showing important scheduled activities that the user should not forget.

CALENDAR - MY CALENDAR - THIS WEEK - Showing all activities that is scheduled for this week. The user can add new activities directly in the calendar.

CALENDAR - MY CALENDAR - THIS MONTH - Showing all activities that is scheduled for this month. Gives the user the possibility to see a longer period. The user can add new activities directly in the calendar.

PHONE CALL BOARD - Each card represent a phone call. Which column the phone call ends up in depends on the planed phone date. Phone Calls scheduled for today is visible in the Todays Column. This board makes the life of a sales rep that calls a lot much easier. All contact information to the contact is visible on the card. If the contacts wants more information the user can send an email, directly from the card, if the contact wants an estimate or even a sales order, then the user can create that direct from the card. It is often the case that the contact wants you to call again tomorrow or next week. Reschedule the call just by moving the card to another column.
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TO DO Scorecard- Here the user can see how many activities they completed and the activities can be compared to a activity budget setup for the user. The activity budget is created with CRM Budget >>

TASK BOARD - Each card represent a task. There is 3 statuses (Not Started, In Progress, Completed). This board is perfect tool for each person who wants to be in control and fast and easy be able to see what task they are assigned to and where they are in the process with each task.
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