Delivery & Service

Even if the sales rep often is not responsibility for the delivery of a sold product or service it does not hurt to be able to follow the delivery progress and being informed about potential problems. Being pro active instead of reactive is wort much in the eyes of your customers

This is especially true when working as a Key Account manager where you at all times need a great overview of your customers.

On the Deliver & Service dashboard a sales rep can follow all deliveries.

REMINDERS - Gives the sales rep information about what the sales rep need to take action on.

DELIVERY & SERVICE SCORECARD - KPI´s about delivery and services

SALES ORDER FOLLOW-UP - Lists all sales orders and where each order is in the process (Pending Approval, Pending fulfillment/Partially Fulfilled, Pending Billing, Billed, Closed or Cancelled)

CASES TO FOLLOW - Even though the sales rep is nor responsible for support and service it is valuable to see if any customer you are responsible for having problem. This portlet shows all open cases created by customers you are repsonsible for. To come well informed to a meeting and not being surprise by eventual problems is a huge value.

PROJECT TASK BOARD - If your company have the Advanced Project enabled and project is part of your customer deliveries it can be of great value for a Sales rep to see where the project team is in the delivery process.