Dun & Bradstreet Connects

Dun & Bradstreet Connects is both a prospectation tool that makes it easy to find new leads to work with, but also makes it easy for the user to search for customer and contacts One by One. The solution also subscribes for updates and make sure your customers and contacts are always up to date.


With Dun & Bradstreet Connect you can use the following filters to find new companies and contacts

  • Country - Chose between 23 different countries

  • SNI/NARC-Code - SNI or NARC is a business classification code used to describe the type of business the company do

  • County

  • Monicipality

  • Turn Over

  • Number of Empoyees

  • Contact Main Position

When your search has been submitted the search result will show in the result section. Mark the customer contacts you like to import in to NetSuite. Before you import your selection you have the possibility to set

  • Sales Rep - The lead will now be assigned to this sales rep

  • Lead Status - Chose what status the lead should be imported with.

  • Lead Source - Chose which campaign code the lead should be connected to. If the import is not part of any specific campaign you should chose campaign Bisnode Import (this campaign has to be created before you can chose it)

  • Comment - You can write a comment if you want to give the sales rep some information about the import or imported lead

One by One

When creating a new lead, prospect or customer you enter the company name and hit the D&B download button. You will now get a list of all customer and contacts that matches your search. Chose the one you like to import and hit the import button.

If you hit the button D&B download on an existing customer all available contacts will be listed and you can chose the one you like to import.


Every night the solution looks for updated companies and contacts. If a company or contact has been updated since it was downloaded it will be updated.


This application requires that you sign a contract with Dun & Bradstreet to get access to there database.

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