CRM Accelerate

CRM Accelerate
for companies running their Business in NetSuite
The # 1 Cloud ERP Solution

If you like to Accelerate your sales organisation you should take a trip with us

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This is SuiteCorners Solution web for CRM Accelerate.

The #1 ERP Cloud Solution

We don´t see any reason why it should´t be
The #1 CRM Cloud Solution
as well

With CRM Accelerate we utilize the full power in the NetSuite platform.
With Pre configured roles and dashboards
combined with several SuiteCorner apps we will boost your whole sales organization
and let them close more deals than ever before.

On the following pages we will show you how that can be done.

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Rikard Burman Holmgren
CEO SuiteCorner Solutions AB

We don´t call it CRM Accelerate without a reason
If you sign up now we will get you up and running within a week.

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