CRM Budget

CRM Budget gives the organisation an easy way to setup a budget for basically anything they want to measure. This feature is used to setup budgets for individual sales reps, both for themselves to be able to track there own progress. It is also used by the sales manager to be able to see how it is going for individual sales reps but also for the sales team as a group.

  • Chose what Budget Type you like to do a budget for (Employee, Contact, Customer, Department). You can add other types as well, for example Location, Class or a custom record of choice.

  • Chose for who or what this budget is for. If the Budget Type is Employee, you can chose employee, if Budget Type is Department then you can chose which department you setup a budget for.

  • Chose Period Type (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year)

  • Chose Start Date and End Date

  • Set budget (Number or Amount). The budget will be distributed evenly for the period

When a budget is setup you most also create a saved search so that you have something to compare your budget against.
To compare the budget and the saved search we use standard NetSuite KPI Scorecard. In below example we have two budgets, one for phone calls and one for meetings. We also have two searches that shows how many phone calls and meeting that have been completed.