Working with Leads

Handling your leads in a professional way is very important for any business. New leads can be difficult and expensive to find and therefore you should not leave it to chance if they are taken care of properly or not.

Lead Dashboard

The Lead dashboard is optimized to help the sales team focus on the Lead Nurturing Process. The lead dashboard is setup so that the sales team can see what is important and what to focus on. A Sales rep should not have to search for things to do, the dashboard should support and give the information they need to do the right thing at the right time.

REMINDERS - With reminders that wont let you forget anything important when it comes to your leads you will all ways feel in control.

CAMPAIGN CALENDAR - The days when the Sales Team did not know what the Marketing Team where working on is gone. With a campaign calendar that informs the organisation about what campaigns are running and upcoming dead lines for new campaign request, we give your organisation the perfect way to handle the internal marketing processes.

MARKETING REQUEST - This quick add portlet makes it easier for the sales team to ask the marketing team with help to launch new campaigns, setup new online forms or create another email template. When the marketing log in they will find all does request and can handle them in a very structured process.

LEAD SCORECARD - You can tell a lot about your sales by the numbers. In the Lead Scorecard the sales rep can see how many new leads they have been working with this month, where the leads came from and how many they been able to convert to customers. All numbers is compared to last period and last year same period.

DUN & BRADSTREET CONNECTS - The ultimate prospecting tool that lets you search for and import new leads from one of Europe's largest customer/contact databases. This is a huge time saver and will make sure you have leads of really high quality to work with. Read more about Dun & Bradstreet Connects >>
All imported leads will end up in the Lead Board.

LEAD BOARD - The Lead Board gives the sales team a better overview of there leads than they ever had before. With this visual and intuitive way of working the sales team will save a lot of time. It will also help them to start the sales qualification process in time. The Lead Board makes it clear where a lead are in the process, if the lead is new and comes in via an online form it is crucial that the sales team contacts the leads immediately. The Lead Board shows those leads with a red flag to make sure the sales team contact the lead. Read more about the Lead Board and all included features >>